SV-315Mk2 Compressor Plug-in


The Sonalksis SV-315 Compressor employs physical modelling technology to provide a classic compressor/limiter with true analogue characteristics. Whether you want to gently smooth a vocal, totally crush some drums, or compress an entire mix, this processor will do it with superior polish. and imparts classic character on programme material through its essentially analogue design.The SV-315 is tremendously flexible, providing access to parameters not usually available on typical compressors. For example not only is the compression 'knee' definable, but a unique 'crush' parameter effectively restricts the amount of compression available, subtly allowing certain transients to escape for a more dynamic sound. Furthermore the selectable attack/release circuits have an 'auto' mode modelled on both classic and contemporary units, but with the addition of a unique 'hold' parameter which can be used to further refine the transparency (or otherwise) of operation.


Due to its flexibility, with access to a range of normally 'internal' parameters, this compressor is capable of performance ranging from extremely subtle and transparent through to warm and characterful, or even to blunt assault. This makes the SV-315 suitable both for tracking and mastering environments, and the perfect choice as a 'go to' compressor that will work well in most situations. The unique 'anti-breathe' feature is particularly useful when compressing vocal performances. This allows you to compress heavily but avoid sudden sharp 'clicky' attacks after pauses.The analogue modelled limiter section is very different to the ubiquitous brick-wall digital limiter, and can be used when you want to tame the extremes of already compressed material, but without resorting to other inserts or a 'dynamic-destroying' digital style limiter. Alternatively the analogue limiter can be used to make your audio really 'pump' in a way that is not usually possible with digital limiters.


- Separate compressor and limiter models - the compressor operates independently to the limiter
- Sonalksis 'State Space' circuit model for true analogue response
- Multiple switchable circuit model parameters provide flexible character
- Zero latency throughput (just like a real analogue compressor) - enables the compressor to be used in the monitor path for tracking situations
- Anti-Breathe mechanism
- External Side-Chain input capability
- 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
- Support for sampling rates of up to 192 kHz
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Glitchless switch transitions [e.g. limiter in/out, bypass on/off]
- Graphical display indicators provide detailed feedback on response settings
- VST and Audio Unit (32 and 64 bit)

"Spectacular Sound....the sound is unbeatable"

UK Computer Music magazine

"10/10 for Sound, 10/10 for stability"

Future Music magazine

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