Sonalksis Plug-in Manager Application

All Sonalksis plug-ins (trial versions and full versions) are downloaded, installed and activated via our 'Plugin Manager' application. Our plugin manager simpifies the experience of installing, authorising and updating your plugins, as well as allowing you to access evaluation versions of our software. The Plugin Manager is a self-updating application, so you should only need to download it once.
If you would like to use the FreeG plugin you should also use the Sonalksis Plug-in Manager Application to install it.

Mac OS X

click to download the Sonalksis Plug-in Manager Application for Mac OS X

system requirements: macOS (10.9 Mavericks to 12 Monterey) and an active internet connection.

We support both Intel and Apple Silicon Computers.


click to download the Sonalksis Plug-in Manager Application for Windows

system requirements: Windows (10 and 11) and an active internet connection

To install Sonalksis Plug-ins (trial versions, full retail versions, FreeG)

  • download the Sonalksis Plug-in Manager Application from the links above

  • install the Plug-in Manager Application.

  • run the Plug-in Manager Application. On Mac it will be installed in the Applications folder. On PC it will appear in the Start menu under Programs.

  • if you have purchased a licence to use Sonalksis Plug-ins, please select the first option ‘existing user’, and log in with your email address and password.

  • if you would like to install the trial versions of the plug-ins or use the Free-G plugin, please select the third option 'Install Demos' and you can either install all Sonalksis plugins, or just the ones you would like to evaluate/use.

User manuals

All user manuals are available for direct download in PDF format. Please select from the links below to download.

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