DQ1 Dynamic Equaliser Plug-in


Dynamic equalisation allows frequency sculpting beyond the limits of standard 'static' equalisers, by linking the user-defined frequency response to the audio signal level; thus frequency imbalances can be corrected psychacoustically, altering an equalisation curve dynamically on the basis of programme loudness.

The DQ1 dynamic-equaliser is based on the same analogue EQ circuits as the award winning SV-517 EQ, but with completely dynamic operation, so the filters 'morph' in response to the signal level. This extreme versatility makes the DQ1 suitable for sound design roles ranging from precision sculpting to creative moulding, ambient enhancement or restoration. Working as the perfect compliment alongside the Sonalksis SV-517 multi-style (static) EQ, the DQ1 is a completely unique and indispensable addition to any audio processing toolbox.


The DQ1 is a frequency sculpting processor first and foremost, appropriate more for dynamic-filtering purposes than frequency-selective dynamics, and although these two applications are to some extent interchangeable, the DQ1 will be more at home as a tool to provide gentle but precise sculpting of the audio spectrum.

If greater dynamic impact is required it can be achieved with the Sonalksis CQ1, the sister product of the DQ1, which is designed primarily as a frequency-selective compressor/expander, providing a means to aggressively shape the signal dynamics of explicit frequency bands.


- 4 independent bands of sophisticated yet intuitive dynamic filter control
- Independently variable attack and release rates on each band
- Definable side-chain filtering ensures any frequency can act as a trigger
- High quality minimum phase 'true analogue' filters using Sonalksis 'State-space' physical model
- Zero latency: absolutely no internal delay whatsoever
- Each band is switchable between dynamic or standard 'static' mode
- 64bit floating point internal precision throughout
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Up to 192 kHz support
- VST and Audio Unit (32 and 64 bit)

"stunning...a spectacular level of tonal and dynamic control"

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