Digital Grimebox Plug-in


The Sonalksis Digital Grimebox, is a creative sonic degradation plug-in. The Grimebox lets you play with some uniquely brutal but creative effects, and is specially adapted to allow automatable degradation. Many sonic degradation effects are not suited to real-time automation as they are incapable of a smooth transition in the audio degeneration, unlike the Digital Grimebox which was designed with this in mind. The Digital Grimebox is comprised of a bitcrusher, a downsampler, an adaptive bias and distortion algorithm, and a low pass filter.


The Digital Grimebox is efficient, intuitive and direct - and therefore very simple to use, providing great results with minimal effort, the interface and the options provided make it easy to achieve a variety of sonic effects including, but not limited to:
- Downsampling of audio to create subtle or not-so-subtle lo-fi effects
- Bitcrushing of transient-rich audio to add emphasis
- General audio degradation effects
- Clipping of transient signals to enhance and excite top end energy
- Use combinations of downsampling and bitcrushing to introduce harmonic distortion to fatten bass and other tones


- Adaptive bias technology - psychoacoustically optimised to generate flattering tubesque even order distortion.
- Designed for automation, with smooth control of the degrading signal
- Four available modes of adaptive distortionThree available lowpass filter types
- Selective clipper-limiter threshold activation level
- 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Zero latency throughput
- Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors
- Glitchless switch transitions [e.g. limiter in/out, bypass on/off]
- Graphical display indicators provide detailed feedback on response settings
- VST and Audio Unit (32 and 64 bit)

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